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Are you READY to SHINE Online? Our proven strategies build your reputation so you can attract and serve more customers.

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Are you are frustrated trying to find the customers you need online? The customers are out there, but what is the best way to reach them?

It can often feel overwhelming trying to run the day-to-day activities of a growing business, while searching for ways to get the word out and grow a 5-star reputation. 

Media Spotlight Marketing provides your business with the tools and media to grow an expert reputation in your locale. We offer the fastest and most powerful ways to get recognized as the "Go-To-Expert".

If you’re searching for a proven marketing expert to help you find new customers, we’re here to help. My team has years of experience and a proven history of helping businesses fuel their growth.

I started my agency to help people like you take your business to the next level. We’ll do the hard work of attracting new customers for you, so that you can focus on making your business extraordinary.

Watch my Visibility Quick Tip Video for ninja tips to attract more clients. 

Our Services

Your Expert Guide To More Customers

Proprietary Strategies To Help Increase Your Traffic And Multiply Your Revenue


Increase your visibility with our suite of video marketing products from animated logos, to expert quick tips, to video ads that convert.

Social Media

Grab the attention of your customers and find new prospects easily with our cutting edge social media marketing strategies.

Expert Interview

Showcase your Expertise with a professional Hollywood Style Interview. Final video uploaded to YouTube, optimized for increased SEO, & syndicated across Social Media

Video Reviews

Build an expert reputation with a high converting video reviews of your enthusiastic customers. Attract more buyers who view you as the market leader.

Website Funnels
That Convert

Attract your ideal customers and make them convert. We design stunning websites and sales funnels that turn your visitors into new customers.

Video Ads

Video Ads

Video Ads are very compelling and more effective than digital ads to attract more attention and encourage viewers to click and take action on your offers.


Get stellar reviews and blow away your competition. We’ll teach you to market your 5-Star status to dominate your market.

Learn More about retargeting


Capture 100% of your website visitors after they’ve left your site. Reach them when they’re ready to buy to 10X your marketing!

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Put Yourself In Front Of More Buyers With High-Converting Videos

Video increases landing page conversion rates by up to 80%. Use attention-grabbing videos to convert new visitors into customers in minutes.

Our state-of-the-art video strategies engage, educate and CONVERT your customers through your website, social media and more. 

Professional intros, Animated Logos, Video Ads, Expert Tips, Reviews, Testimonial Reels, and Calls-to-Action.

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Ellie Savoy

Virginia Parsons is a class act. I couldn't be happier with the whole process of working with her. I felt heard and supported from the initial discussion to going live. I am thrilled with the video clips she created to further market my business. She really does know how to help you shine and stand out in your area of expertise."

Laura Di Franco

Virginia Parsons not only conducted one of the best interviews I’ve done, she was able to create marketing videos that completely up-leveled my game as far as content.
If you’re ready to play with a professional who knows how to pull out the best of you and your message, take advantage of everything Virginia has to offer!”

Jacque Walters

I'm getting great results with Virginia's video services. I highly recommend her services to help you grow your business. If you want an “expert” for internet visibility, then reach out and find out how she teaches you to grow your online business. Thanks Virginia, for being my high-tech guru on my website and videos.

Stunning Websites That Convert

Turn Visitors Into Customers With A Website That Drives Sales

Your website needs to work hard to convert visitors into paying customers. Just looking great isn’t enough.

We design stunning, mobile-ready websites that load fast, rank well, and convert new customers. Demand more from your website and blow away your competition.

Learn What Makes A Website Convert


to Compelling Content Creation

Watch this video to learn how we leverage 1 INTERVIEW into 24 pieces of content and distribute the content on up to 6 social platforms to get you MASSIVE EXPOSURE and MORE customers FAST!

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Listen To What Our Clients Say About Interview Leveraged…

Because It’s Our Clients That Matter Most

Makes the Interview Process Easy!

Tessa Alburn 

I was finally able to find my comfort zone on video with Virginia’s “Interview Leveraged” package. I can say that now I am much more confident and I can communicate what’s most important to my brand. And talk about leveraged! Virginia created numerous content pieces for my social media campaign from our interviews. What a difference it makes to have someone on your team who gets the little stuff done and who makes the interview process easy!"

An Absolute Confidence Builder

Jeanne Lyons

My work with Virginia has been so enlightening. I never realized how much content could be mined from one interview. Her video clips and images have a professional flare that get my message out in a powerful way. Her interview skills are high caliber yet gentle. She is so adept at pulling out gems to make you shine. Interview Leveraged was an absolute confidence builder. "

Highly Recommend Her

Dr. Paul Henning

I have learned a tremendous amount of valuable information from Virginia Parsons. She has helped me grow my know, like and trust and will continue to help me grow my business. It really makes my time doing lives much more efficient. The fact that I can do one interview and break it down into so many valuable content pieces is really beneficial for me due to my busy schedule. Highly recommend her.

Level-Up Your Sales Strategy With Little To No Effort

Put your growth on auto-pilot with high-converting sales funnels that drive your business 24-hours a day.

Our step-by-step marketing automation strategies automate your messaging to help you get up to 200-300% more sales. Grow your business without working harder..

Learn More About Marketing Automation

Increase Your Social Visibility

Connect With Your Target Market And Generate Leads With Social Media

Connect with your ideal customer 24/7 on their computer or smartphone with attention-grabbing social media posts.

Our proven social media strategies can help you attract new customers, engage your current ones and be sure your business stays on your customers’ minds.

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Don’t Fall For These Marketing Myths:

MYTH: You need a ton of website traffic for marketing to be effective.

TRUTH: As few as 100 visitors to your website could give you all the customers you can handle. You don’t need thousands of monthly visitors to grow. You need strategies like retargeting, high-converting websites, and irresistible video offers that help convert your traffic into paying customers quickly and easily. 

MYTH: A great-looking website will increase my sales.

TRUTH: 96% OF YOUR VISITORS DON’T CONTACT YOU OR PURCHASE. A professional looking website won’t explode your sales on its own. Your website must be designed to convert. Better storytelling, irresistible offers, and a 5-star reputation can turn a “good-looking” website into a sales-converting machine.

MYTH: My business is too small for marketing automation.

Truth: Almost ANY BUSINESS can benefit from strategies that get the best offer in front of the right customer at the perfect moment. Advances in technology mean that the high-efficiency precision of automated marketing isn’t just for giant corporations anymore. Let us show you how it could help grow your sales by up to 300%!

I am

Dedicated To Increasing Your Visibility as a Market Leader and Finding You New Customers In Under 30 Days

With years of expertise in everything from professional interviews,  video creation. social media, and driving traffic to website funnels, our comprehensive approach to marketing can make a difference in your business with a single interview and an irresistible offer in as little as a few days or weeks.

We know that it’s hard for businesses to keep up with the latest strategies to maximize their profits. That’s why we’re here. We are passionate about helping businesses like yours SHINE Online and find the newest and best ways to drive waves of new customers to your door.

And we don’t stop with interviews. Our strategies help you find new customers, engage them, and convert them, without wasting your precious time or resources. Let us worry about finding your new customers so that you can focus on your business.

Virginia Parsons and Team

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from Inspirational Business Women in the KNOW.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Effective Is Email Marketing To Increase Business?

Email marketing generates up to $40 for every dollar you spend! It continues to consistently produce the BEST ROI of any marketing channel. Stop boring your email list with “company newsletters.” Instead, target your list of interested customers with truly compelling offers and the results could blow you away!

What’s The Fastest Way To Get 5 Star Reviews?

The best way to get 5 star reviews is to ask for them! Too often, only frustrated customers leave reviews. Our Reputation Marketing Services will show you how to convince your best customers to leave you positive reviews quickly. Let us show you how to get FIVE 5-star reviews in under 5 days!

Which Is Better? SEO or Paid Traffic?

You need BOTH a Paid Traffic strategy AND an SEO strategy to dominate your competition online. Paid Traffic gets more visitors to your website NOW to help generate leads and drive sales. A focused SEO strategy helps keep you ahead of the competition in search rankings in the long-term, attracting low-cost and relevant visitors every single day.

How Do I Get My Website To Convert Better?

Boost your conversions by retargeting 100% of your web visitors. Stop letting buyers get away! Retargeting is more cost-effective than PPC marketing, television, radio, and most other mediums. Capture customers you KNOW are interested for just pennies to get as much as 10X the value out of every dollar you spend.

What’s The Best Way To Get More Visitors To My Website?

Paid traffic is the BEST way to get more visitors, sales, and conversions immediately. By targeting your ideal customer with laser-precision, you can find high-converting traffic that is ready to buy. After they’ve visited once, retargeting them to keep your company top-of-mind and make sure they’re thinking about YOU when it’s time to purchase.

Does Video Marketing Really Increase Sales?

Absolutely! Conversion rates for pages with video are up to 80% higher. That means that video delivers a lot MORE customers, MORE leads, and MORE sales. Viewers retain up to 90% of what they watch in video (vs 10% for text), so if you want visitors to remember your business tomorrow, video marketing is 100% the best way to do it.

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